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New trainee IFA joins George Square Financial Management

New trainee IFA joins George Square Financial Management
February 23, 2021 VFormation
Trainee IFA, George Square Financial Management

George Square Financial Management is pleased to welcome Josh Poullet to the team as Trainee Independent Financial Adviser. George Square will support Josh as he studies for his Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

As part of our continued growth, and in support of the next generation of financial advisers, we are delighted to welcome on board Josh Poullet as our newest trainee IFA.

The current pandemic has plunged many people into job uncertainty and forced some to reassess their careers and consider a backup plan. This has been the case for Josh.

Having completed a master’s degree in Sport Science at Nottingham Trent University, Josh signed as a professional rugby player for Nottingham Rugby in 2017, where he also served as Head Coach to the Nottingham Corsairs Colts. He was due to begin a new role at the club last year, with a focus on helping to expand its community program, but was put on furlough at the start of the pandemic.Josh Poullet, Trainee IFA

Unable to continue with rugby training or with coaching the younger players as a result of lockdown restrictions, Josh pursued his interest in becoming a financial adviser. We have been pleased to be able to offer him the role of trainee IFA at George Square and provide this opportunity for professional development.

Josh explains: “At the start of the pandemic, we were really thrown in at the deep end as players, with no clear idea of which direction our careers would go in after being put on furlough. Following several meetings with Greg Hill, who explained what the role of trainee IFA would entail, I could see that many of the skills I have gained over the years on the rugby field are very transferrable – teamwork, excellent communication, resilience and the ability to adapt to change, to name just a few.

“I am enjoying challenging myself in this new and different office environment as I work towards my first exam via the NextGen platform. The George Square team have been extremely supportive and understanding as I balance my work here at George Square with Nottingham Rugby and other commitments. They have also given me access to some fantastic, relevant webinars that have a different focus to the topics I’m currently studying, allowing me to expand my learning outside of the NextGen course and giving me a more well-rounded learning experience.

“Rugby is, of course, hugely important to me, but the pandemic has taught me the value of having a backup plan and taking active steps towards making that plan a reality. Though balancing these different responsibilities can mean life is a bit hectic at the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying the mental challenge, and know each day I am taking another step towards achieving my end goal of both becoming a qualified IFA.”

George Goward, MD at George Square Financial Management adds:

“At George Square we firmly believe in nurturing young talent and developing the next generation of independent financial advisers. Josh is an intelligent and enthusiastic individual and I’m confident he’ll grow into a knowledgeable, highly qualified adviser and become an integral part of the George Square team. We are pleased to be able to support him through his professional qualifications and provide vital hands-on experience to enable him to deliver excellent advice in the future.”

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