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Business continuity for our valued clients

Business continuity for our valued clients
March 17, 2020 Amy Cooper
business continuity

Business continuity for our valued clients

No doubt you will have witnessed that we have entered unprecedented times regards how we operate in our normal daily lives.

While our office is now closed, our advisers are all working from home and remain here to support you with all your financial planning matters. The team is still fully contactable by mobile or email (listed below), and we will endeavour to update you with bulletins through our website.

World governments and banks have put in place financial structures to ensure the economy can function and that small businesses will gain support through these difficult times. We do feel these measures along with the medical guidance will see us push through Covid 19 and get back to our normal lives in due course.

Markets are very volatile at present and losses have been made, however we feel at George Square that history and experience has taught us to stay strong and patient and the markets will correct themselves in due course.

Please feel free to contact us via email or mobile with any queries.


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