The way we work

We like to keep it simple. George Square Financial Management follows a carefully designed financial planning process so that you know exactly what is happening at each stage.

  1. Identify your needs and objectives

    We will arrange an introductory meeting to fully explain how our service works, identify your primary financial needs and objectives and answer any questions.

  2. Gather information

    If you feel you can benefit from our service, your Adviser will work with you to fully understand your objectives and develop these into well defined goals. Your Adviser will gather financial information to provide a comprehensive picture of your circumstances.

  3. Prepare an analysis of your situation

    Once your objectives are agreed, we will work with you to complete a Personal Financial Plan. This written report provides an analysis of your current financial position and identifies any areas to develop and act upon.

  4. Develop an action plan

    Once we've constructed your Personal Financial Plan, we'll take you through it stage by stage. It will set out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your stated objectives over an agreed time period.

  5. Plan implementation

    Now it's time to put the plan into action. You can rest assured in the knowledge that we will be taking care of all the necessary final steps to turn your plan into reality.

  6. Monitoring your progress

    Where an ongoing service is agreed, your Adviser will help you review your Personal Financial Plan to make sure it is on track with your objectives. Reviews will take account of any changes in your personal circumstances, financial market conditions and relevant legislation.